Difference between Teapot and Kettle

When it comes to homemade hot beverages both the teapot and kettle are the most essential tools. But many people don’t know the difference between teapot and kettle and make mistakes buying one for them.

A teapot is not only for serving tea, and it’s used for steeping, storing hot liquid, and many more useful purposes. On the other hand, kettles are a handy tool for boiling water and preparing many hot beverages.

Below, we’ll guide you through a more in-depth comparison between teapots and kettles so that you understand the differences between these better. We’ll also cover things to consider before choosing one for you, look at some recommendations, and check out some frequently asked questions. 

What is Teapot?

A teapot has been used for ages by people all around the world to serve tea. But recently, they are used for more than just serving. As the types of tea and the recipes are increasing, people are putting more emphasis on making better tea with more refined techniques. Steeping and brewing tea is getting more and more popular these days for that reason.

And teapots are the best tools that anyone can use to perfectly brew or steep tea easily. It makes the whole thing easy, and convenient & gives you the perfect cup of tea every time. 

Types of Teapots

You can find many types of teapots available in the market. But you should learn about the types as they have different functionality and is likely to have an impact on the user experience. Let’s have a look at some of the most common types of teapots available. 

  1. Glass teapots: Glass teapots are the most common types of teapots that you can find out there. These typically look stunning and are very premium. However, they have the highest risk of breaking. 
  1. Ceramic teapots: These are your regular teapots and you can find them everywhere in the market. Ceramic teapots typically have a soothing design along with an affordable price tag. 
  1. Stainless steel teapots: Stainless steel teapots are unique in every way and they are very durable. You won’t have to deal with the risk of breaking it accidentally, which is a great thing.


  • Most of the teapots look stunning
  • Gives you the perfect tea every time
  • Perfect for serving yourself or guests
  • An unbeatable tool for steeping or brewing tea
  • A must-have utensil for tea lovers


  • Takes extra effort as it can’t boil water
  • Higher chance of breaking due to the materials used

What is Kettle?

A kettle is commonly used for boiling water that you later use for making tea, coffee, or other hot liquid beverages. But it’s far more useful as boiling water can come in handy for many things and you need it for many recipes that you see out there. And kettles are the perfect tools for boiling water without any hassle. 

The biggest advantage of a kettle is that you can use it directly on the heat source. That means you can simply pour water into the kettle, place it on a stove, and get it boiled in no time.

Types of Kettles

There are 3 main types of kettles that you see out there and these are quite different in their features and functionality. Let’s discuss them below in more detail.

  1. Electric Kettle: These are one of the most convenient kettles that you can get for yourself. You don’t need any external heat source to use these. You can simply pour the water into the kettle, plug it in, and the electric kettle will start to boil the water for you.
  1. Stovetop Kettle: Stovetop kettles are the traditional kettles that you place on top of a heat source to boil water. These are the regular kettles and these are an extremely useful tool for your kitchen.
  1. Gooseneck Kettle: This kettle is very unique in its build and functionality. It’s specifically designed for getting the perfect cup of coffee as it helps to add more control over your coffee brewing method. 


  • Can be used on most heat sources
  • The easiest way to boil water without any hassle
  • Rugged build for enhanced lifespan
  • The boiling water is safe to cook with and make beverages
  • A priceless tool for your kitchen


  • Not the best utensil for serving in front of guests
  • Requires extra safety of use

Difference Between Teapot and Kettle

Now that you have a pretty decent idea about what a teapot and a kettle are, you should also have some idea about their differences. But to make it even more precise, we will look at the core comparison between teapot and tea kettle. The table below will make it easier for you to check out the information as you can get all the information just by glancing at it. 

Used to serve and steep teaUsed for boiling water
Can’t be used on a direct heat sourceSuitable for heaters, stoves, etc.
Mostly seen in glass or ceramicMostly made of stainless steel and cast iron
Looks aesthetic and presentable Doesn’t put emphasis on the looks
Commonly used for serving tea or hot beverage drinksThe boiling water can be used for many things besides making tea or coffee.

Comparison Between Teapot and Kettle

Below, we’ll have a look at the difference between teapot and kettle (teapot vs kettle) so that you can have a better understanding of its functionality and features. Without any further ado, let’s check it out right now. 


While both teapot and kettle are commonly used for making tea, teapots can only steep, brew, and serve the tea. On the other hand, kettles can only boil the water and brew the tea but aren’t ideal for serving. 


Kettles are typically made with cast iron or stainless steel, which are super durable. On the other hand, teapots are commonly made with glass or ceramic. That makes kettles a winner here. 


In terms of aesthetics, teapots get an easy win here. Most kettles don’t put any emphasis on the looks, whereas, teapots look gorgeous. 

Which One Should You Get, a Kettle or a Teapot? 

Now that you have gone through the entire discussion on the difference between teapot and kettle, you can now tell which one to get for yourself. But if you’re still having trouble with it, let’s go through a simple approach that’ll help you decide.

If you want to make coffee or tea and only need boiling water for it, then a kettle is the only tool required for you. But if you are a delicate tea or coffee enjoyer who has to steep or brew the beverage, then a teapot is an essential tool for you. That being said, get both of them if you can as it’ll give you the best of both worlds. 

How to Choose the Best Teapots

Below, we’ll review 3 of the best teapots that you can get for yourself and all of these are easy recommendations. 

  1. BELLA LUSSO Glass Teapot with Infuser

The brand BELLA LUSSO makes some of the best teaware that you can get for yourself. All of its products are top-class and look absolutely stunning. This glass teapot with an infuser is one of their best-selling teapots and it’s a no-brainer option for anybody who’s looking for a simple, yet elegant teapot. 


BELLA LUSSO needs no introduction as they use the absolute best materials and features on their products. Let’s have a look at some of the features of this amazing teapot that makes it a far better option for you compared to other ones.

Premium Build Quality: Borosilicate Glass is the highest standard material that’s used in modern teawares. This glass is scratch-resistant, heat-resistant, and even odor resistant, which gives you the best user experience that you crave. As this teapot is made with Borosilicate Glass, you’ll get all these benefits. 

Ease of Maintenance: Cleaning this BELLA LUSSO teapot is a breeze. You can easily clean it as it’s safe to put it in the dishwasher. That makes your life so much easier as you can easily clean it after using it.

Looks Amazing: One of the best things about this teapot has to be its aesthetics. It looks stunning from every angle and it’ll look great in your kitchen without any doubt. 


  • Made with premium Borosilicate Glass
  • Looks absolutely stunning
  • Fantastic heat resistance
  • Easy to maintain 
  • One of the best affordable options out there


  • 34oz capacity might feel too little to some users
  • The risk of breaking it accidentally is present 
  1. Teabloom 24 oz Vienna Glass Teapot

Teabloom is another popular manufacturer that produces some of the best teaware. And this Vienna glass teapot is an easy recommendation for anyone who’d love to enjoy a perfect cup of tea consistently. It’s the best friend of a tea lover and it’s quite affordable as well. 


This Vienna Glass teapot has many features that make it an easy choice. Let’s have a look at some of its core features below. 

Perfect Tea Every Time: One of the best things about the Teabloom Vienna Glass Teapot is its infuser. You can get a perfect cup of tea every time thanks to it. It’s really high quality and will give you the best cup of tea consistently. 

Looks Stunning: Another great thing about this Vienna glass teapot has to be its aesthetics. With the transparent Borosilicate Glass build, it looks absolutely stunning and it’ll make a great addition to your kitchen. 

Heat Resistant: As we mentioned earlier, this teapot is made with Borosilicate Glass. That gives it enhanced heat resistance. So, you can steep, and brew tea in this teapot without having to worry about anything. Besides, it’ll last you a very long time without any issues as well. 


  • The infuser works flawlessly 
  • Gives a clean and elegant look
  • Made with high-quality Borosilicate Glass
  • Makes up for the perfect gift
  • Provides the best value for your money


  • Can be a bit troublesome to clean 
  • The 24 oz capacity is quite short
  1. HIWARE 1000ml Glass Teapot with Removable Infuser

When naming the top teaware brands the name HIWARE comes at the top. This brand makes some of the most premium products that you can get from the market. This glass teapot is a great option for anyone who’d like to have a teapot with a bigger capacity. Also, it has everything you can ask for from a premium quality teapot as well. 


HIWARE always pushes the limits and adds more innovative features to provide a better user experience. And this glass teapot is no exception to that. Let’s have a look at some of the main features of this teapot below. 

Perfect for More Tea: With a huge 1-liter capacity, this teapot can hold a lot of liquid beverages. That can come in handy in so many scenarios, making it a perfect teapot for group settings. 

Easy to Clean: Besides being big in size, it’s actually very easy to clean and maintain. You can toss it into the dishwasher and clean it very easily. That takes off the extra hassle, adding more convenience to your everyday use. 

Looks Amazing: This HIWARE glass teapot has a great aesthetic look to it. With the transparent glass finish, it compliments everything and looks gorgeous. 


  • Offers plenty of space for more tea
  • The ergonomic handle adds comfort to everyday use
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Enhanced heat resistance 
  • Perfect for serving larger groups of people


  • Quite expensive compared to other options 
  • Might be too big for some users

How to Choose the Best Teapots

Let’s check out 3 of our recommended teapots that will give you the best value for your money. 

  1. Ovente 1.7 Liter Electric Hot Water Kettle

Ovente is known for producing some of the best quality teaware products that are in an affordable price range. This water kettle by Ovente is easily a no-brainer option for anyone looking for a basic electric kettle with solid features. It has got everything that you can ask for from an electric kettle, and it’s the best budget option for anyone.


Below, we’ll discuss some of the main features of the electric water kettle by Ovente and see whether it’s suitable for you or not.  

Boil Water With One Click: With an Ovente electric water kettle, you can boil water with a click of a button. It adds more convenience to your life, and it’s undoubtedly an amazing feature of this kettle. 

Safe to Use: As electric kettles use electricity to operate, you need to check whether they have safety features or not. Luckily, this kettle has some advanced safety features that’ll guarantee your safety of use. 

Very Easy to Use: This kettle is extremely easy to use as well. You just need to pour the water, plug it in, and press the button to start the kettle. And you should have your boiling water in a couple of minutes. 


  • Boils water with a click of a button
  • Guarantees safety of use
  • Super easy to use
  • A simple and elegant design 
  • The most affordable option that you can find


  • Takes quite a bit of time to boil water
  • Doesn’t have many temperature control features 
  1. Mueller 1.8 Liter Cordless Ultra Kettle

When it comes to good teaware brands, Mueller is a well-known brand. This cordless kettle by Mueller is undoubtedly one of the best kettles that you can get for your money. It’s easy to use, convenient and has a great set of features that make it an easy recommendation. 


Speaking of features, Mueller never compromises to put their best set of features in their affordable product range. And that’s why you can see the following features in this kettle.

Incredible Build Quality: This electric kettle is made with premium quality Borosilicate Glass, 304 stainless steel, and heat-resistant copolyester, which gives it the best safety and durability that you crave. It’s just top-class in terms of build quality. 

Very Energy Efficient: The Mueller cordless electric heater consumes way less power compared to the other electric kettles that you find on the market. That helps you save yourself from paying the extra bills every month, making it a perfect kettle to use daily. 

Advanced Temperature Control: The advanced temperature control features give you the freedom and flexibility to fine-tune your water boiling experience. That way, you can get the most out of the electric kettle by customizing it to your preferred temperature.


  • Stunning build quality
  • Consumes less power
  • Gives more control over the temperature
  • Enhanced safety features
  • Best value for your money


  • Not the easiest kettle to clean
  • The led quality could’ve been better
  1. Cuisinart CPK-17P1 Electric Cordless Tea Kettle

Finally, we’ll have a look at Cuisinart, which is known for manufacturing some of the most premium products on the market. This cordless electric kettle is the absolute best kettle that you can get for yourself. If you have the money to buy such a premium kettle, then go for it by all means. It’s worth every penny thanks to the phenomenal specs and features.


Let’s have a look at some of the best features of this incredible tea kettle by Cuisinart below. 

Super Fast Water Boiling: This electric kettle can boil water in minutes. That can save you a lot of time and effort, and it’ll come in handy in so many different scenarios. 

Best Safety and Control Features: Cuisinart has outdone itself by providing this electric kettle with the best safety and control features. It ensures the best user experience while ensuring the absolute safety of the user. You can expect nothing but the best from this cordless tea kettle. 

Premium Electric Kettle: This kettle by Cuisinart is the most premium kettle that you can get for your money and it has the best build quality and features. With the number of features that you’re getting, it’s worth your money.


  • The absolute best electric kettle
  • Boils water in minutes
  • Convenient to palace anywhere as it’s cordless
  • Guaranteed safety with advanced safety features 
  • Extremely easy maintenance 


  • Quite expensive compared to other options 
  • Not many people use all these advanced features 


Can I boil water in a teapot?

A teapot is not made for boiling water, and you should never use a teapot to boil water ever. Teapots are not supposed to be placed on stoves or heaters as it’s not designed for that. Rather, you can put boiling water in a teapot and steep tea, and follow other recipes for liquid beverages. But never put them on a stove to boil water as it’s not safe at all. 

Is it safe to boil water in a kettle? 

Kettles are designed for boiling water, and therefore, it’s safe to boil water in a kettle. And there is no health risk at all from drinking the water that’s been boiled in a kettle. Just make sure that the kettle is clean before boiling water in it. And you can use the water for cooking, making tea & coffee, or even drink it. 

How long does it take to boil water in a kettle?

The time it takes to boil water in a kettle depends on the amount of water you’re trying to boil and the heat you put under the kettle. So, you can’t really get an exact number there. However, if you’re using a stove to boil water in a kettle, it should take you around 5 minutes or so to boil the water. You’ll see it as the water will start to make little bubbles and eventually will start to boil in the kettle. 

Final Thoughts

We just covered the difference between teapot and kettle with the most in-depth discussion above. Now, you should be able to make the best purchase decision for yourself and get the best value for your money just by following our guide.

Teapots and kettles are undoubtedly one of the most useful tools in your kitchen. You should own both of these tools as they will open doors to many amazing recipes as they are extremely versatile tools. Not to mention, these will add more convenience to your cooking as well

So, make sure that you take advantage of these amazing utensils and add them to your kitchen. Feel free to grab our recommended teapots and kettles as they are the no-brainer option and these will provide the best value for your money.