Difference between gaming keyboard and regular keyboard

If you are in the market to purchase a new keyboard, you may be wondering what to get. There are a lot of options to choose from. First, however, you may need to decide whether you want a gaming keyboard or a regular keyboard. This blog will talk about the difference between gaming keyboard and regular keyboard.

What Is a Gaming Keyboard?

A gaming keyboard is specially made for gamers. Therefore, this keyboard type is not the same as a general or standard keyboard.

It is a special edition keyboard that contains more flexible options for gamers. By using this type of keyboard, gamers can quickly do their actions.

Gamers need quick responses as well as low depression. For this reason, most gaming keyboard brands make mechanical keyboards.

You will find more minor keys in a gaming keyboard than standard keyboards, and these keys come with good optimization. The standard keys of a gaming keyboard are W, A, S, and D.

Pros of a Gaming Keyboard

As we already said, most gaming keyboards are mechanical type. For this reason, gaming keyboards are more accurate and user-friendly.

  • You can feel the best experience while typing on a gaming keyboard.
  • You can type with less effort, which is an excellent advantage of a gaming keyboard.
  • Gamers need to play for a long time. A gaming keyboard is a great option to get relief from typing pain.
  • For long-term user experience, the gaming keyboard is the winner. Its build quality is so good for longevity.
  • In terms of grip, a gaming keyboard is the best deal because it has decent stability for better performance.
  • You will not face any ghost responses from gaming keyboards.
  • Every single momentum is essential for gamers to get better performance, and gaming keyboards fulfill almost all the requirements of a gamer.

Cons of a Gaming Keyboard

In terms of performance, there’s no doubt that gaming keyboards are great. But in some circumstances, there are some disadvantages of a gaming keyboard.

· The critical height of a gaming keyboard is a bit higher, so you can’t write as fast as a standard keyboard.

· Gaming keyboards are heavier than regular keyboards because of their stability feature.

· Most of the gaming keyboards are mechanical. So you will find louder key pressing sounds compared to a regular keyboard.

· Gaming keyboards are expensive for their extraordinary performance and build quality.

What is a Regular keyboard?

A normal or regular keyboard helps a user to pass commands on the PC. It is one kind of typewriter, just another edition. Normal keyboards are best for regular usage.

You can complete your day-to-day task with a normal keyboard quickly. Most normal keyboards are cheap but worth it for general tasks.

Pros of a regular keyboard

There are a lot of editions of a keyboard available on the market. So you can find advantages of a normal keyboard compared to many editions.

  • Normal keyboards are so simple in terms of design.
  • You can write so fast on a normal keyboard.
  • There’s no key pressing sound on a normal keyboard.
  • Normal keyboards are cheaper than the other editions.
  • It is light in weight for its plastic build. So there’s an advantage in terms of portability.
  • Normal keyboards are small in size.

Cons of a Regular keyboard

We should keep in mind that normal keyboards are less expensive. So there may be some disadvantages of a normal keyboard.

  • It is not preferred by those who love fancy design.
  • In terms of stability, a normal keyboard is not a great choice because of its lightweight.
  • A normal keyboard is not a better option in terms of longevity because its build quality is not good.
  • It is plastic made and smaller in size.
  • You can’t enjoy fast responses with a normal keyboard.

Difference between Gaming Keyboard and Regular Keyboard

The functionality of the gaming keyboard and regular keyboard is the same. But there are differences between these in terms of performance.

Suppose you’re confused between a gaming keyboard and a regular keyboard. Then this differentiation will help you to solve your confusion.

Difference between gaming keyboard and regular keyboard


The design of most gaming keyboards is fancy. It is a special edition for gamers so that you will find a gaming-type design.

Also, a gaming keyboard comes with a different backlight led. Hence, the finishing quality of a gaming keyboard is so good.

On the other hand, most regular keyboards come with simple designs because these Keyboards are only focused on functionality.

Most of them don’t have any backlit LED, and the finishing quality is not impressive. But you can easily do your regular task with it.

Response time

A gaming keyboard is specially made with high-quality materials. For this reason, gaming keyboards are pretty fast compared to regular keyboards.

It only takes about 15-25 milliseconds after you press a key. This millisecond of difference is essential for gamers.

On the other hand, a regular keyboard is made for everyday purposes, and its build quality is not so good. It’s a perfect deal for writing emails, browsing, etc.

A regular type keyboard takes about 30 milliseconds on average to respond. However, this milliseconds difference is not a big issue for a regular user.

So, it is clear that in terms of responsiveness gaming keyboard is ahead of a regular keyboard. So, if response time matters to you, you should buy a gaming keyboard.


Programmable Keys (Macro Keys)

When you’re gaming, the last thing you want is lag. Instead, you want to respond as quickly as possible to what’s happening on the screen. That’s why a gaming keyboard is so important. It has programmable keys (macros) that let you do things like launch your game, open your chat client, and more without having to take your hands off the keyboard.

So, you can program a single key for specific action using a gaming keyboard. This feature makes a huge difference between a gaming keyboard and a regular keyboard.

Programmable Key features are essential for gamers because some high-end games require extraordinary actions to perform well.

On the other side, there’s no Programmable Keys scope on a regular keyboard. So, you can use it for everyday purposes.


Simultaneous keypress

There’s no scope for missing keypress on a gaming keyboard because most of the gaming keyboards are mechanical.

Every keypress will register though you press it with low pressure. This feature is significant for gamers.

But in terms of a regular keyboard, there is a chance of miss key pressing because traditional keyboards are lightweight, so there’s a possibility of miss pressing.

Also, most of the regular keyboards are not quality-made. So, you may need a bit more pressure to register a keypress than a gaming keyboard.



You can change a single key instead of changing a whole keyboard. So, for example, if one of the keys of your keyboard is damaged, you can easily replace it.

On the other hand, you can’t change a single key of a standard keyboard. So, if you’re facing a problem with the key of the keyboard, you have to replace the whole keyboard.

Remember replacing and cleaning are different. For example, you can clean each of the keys of your keyboard by removing keys with the key removal tool. But you can’t replace them.


The build quality of a gaming keyboard is well enough for more extended service. However, gamers are more challenging than regular users.

Gaming keyboards are mostly heavy for their extraordinary build quality. So, you can use a gaming keyboard for the long run.

Regular Keyboards don’t come with excellent build quality. Also, mostly they’re so lightweight for their plastic build. So obviously, we shouldn’t expect a longer lifespan from a regular keyboard.



A gaming keyboard offers you a wrist rest while you are working. Also, it comes with paddings that help you work for an extended period.

The space between keys of a standard keyboard is well optimized. So, there are fewer chances of miss pressing.

Gaming keyboards are well optimized for the gaming experience and regular keyboards for ordinary purposes. With a standard keyboard, you can feel typing comfort, and gaming keyboards are best for a complete gaming experience.

N Key Rollover 

One of the features that sets apart high-end keyboards from their cheaper counterparts is N key rollover (NKRO). This term refers to the number of keys that can be pressed simultaneously and still result in an accurate output. A keyboard with NKRO can register any combination of keys. In contrast, a keyboard with limited rollover can only register a certain number of keys at once.

For gaming purposes, NKRO provides a benefit because you must press and release keys simultaneously while pressing down others. For example, when performing boss attacks or combos in fast-paced action games.

Gaming Keyboard vs. Normal Keyboard

Gamers and ordinary users are confused about which will be a perfect deal. Likewise, gamers are confused that gaming keyboards make a difference in the gaming experience.

Typical users are confused that they need a gaming keyboard for work. To solve this confusion, you have to understand the functionality of these devices by comparison.

Gaming keyboardNormal keyboard
Most gaming keyboards have mechanical switches.Normal keyboards have mostly membrane switches.
Most gaming keyboards are Mecha-membrane Mechanical.Most of the normal keyboards are membrane.
You can continuously press a single key of a gaming keyboard, which means it supports N-Key rollover.There’s no scope for a continuous key pressing facility on a standard keyboard.
You can enjoy the fastest cleaning experience from a gaming keyboard of its high-quality build.Most normal keyboards are rubber type, so it’s not an easy task in terms of cleaning.
Though most gaming keyboards are a bit expensive, you can enjoy their service for a long time.Standard Keyboards are cheaper for their average build, so it is almost impossible to get a long-term service.
Though it’s a gaming keyboard, the typing feel is excellent.You can write, but the experience is not as good as a gaming keyboard.
You can enjoy the fastest response from a gaming keyboard.Regular Keyboards are fast but not as quick as gaming keyboards.
While typing on a gaming keyboard, you can notice a clicky sound from a gaming keyboard.There are no click sounds on regular keyboards.
There are different colors of RGB lights on a gaming keyboard.No RGB lights on a normal keyboard.
There’s no scope of ghost key pressing on a gaming keyboard.On a normal keyboard, you may experience ghost key pressing.
Gaming keyboards are expensive for their extraordinary features.Normal keyboards are cheaper.
You can customize the keys of the gaming keyboard based on your requirement.You can’t customize a standard keyboard.
Gaming keyboards are mostly heavy.Normal keyboards are lighter than gaming keyboards.

5 Reasons why you Should get Gaming Keyboard

There are more reasons why you should buy a gaming keyboard instead of a normal keyboard. Gaming Keyboards are specially made for pc gaming.

But here are some powerful reasons you should buy it even though you are not a gamer. Five senses are enough to solve your confusion.

  • Fastest response time.
  • Scope of customization.
  • Durability and comfortable service.
  • Experience and design.
  • Scope of backlit led.

Fastest response time

Every moment is essential for domination in a game; you can dominate if you’re faster in response.

Most pc gaming keyboards are mechanical so that you can respond quickly compared to normal keyboards. In addition, there’s a spring-loaded keyboard switch underneath each key of a gaming keyboard for fast response-ability.

On the other hand, you can’t enjoy the fastest response from a normal keyboard. However, it is made for normal users only.

There’s a single sheet of plastic underneath each standard keyboard key. So, we should not expect a fast response from a normal keyboard.


Scope of customization

For gamers, a key switch combination is essential for better performance. You can assign your gaming keyboard keys to follow your best set of combinations.

The key combination helps you to work faster. You can do action with a couple of clicks; everything depends on your customization ability.

Normal keyboards are used for normal purposes. Key combination or customization is not important for a typical user. However, if you’re a gamer, you can’t stay happy with a normal keyboard.

Durability and comfortable service

A professional gamer has to play a game for a long time. Even gaming YouTubers have to spend hours of hours in a tournament. So proper comfort and feel are essential for best performance.

Most gaming keyboards are well spaced and made of mechanical keys to give you proper comfort. In addition, the materials of a gaming keyboard are well enough for longer durability.

Gaming keyboards are mostly low-end membrane, high-end membrane, low-end mechanical, and high-end machines. These variations of keyboards can handle an approximate number of clicks.

Low and high-end membranes can handle five and twenty million clicks. And low and high-end mechanical can drive respectively fifty and hundred million clicks.

Also, gaming keyboards are specially designed to properly fit your hand and wrist for proper comfort. So gamers can spend hours upon hours with these keyboards.

You’re not going to get this fantastic comfort and durability from a standard keyboard. So if you need comfort and durability, you should buy a gaming keyboard.

Experience and design

Most of us don’t play games professionally. We play games to spend our free time or for fun. That means it is connected with our emotions.

So the design and experience should be the best. In terms of expertise, gaming keyboards are too good. You can play or combine keys as per your requirements.

It will help you do action more quickly and enhance your gaming confidence. The design of a gaming keyboard is so eye-pleasing.

Of course, these amazing things aren’t available on normal keyboards. However, these things are good enough to make you buy a gaming keyboard.

Scope of backlit led

Though it will not play an essential part in boosting your performance, you can never ignore the beauty of a backlit led keyboard.

For gamers, it helps them keep in mind that they are playing games seriously. In a dark room, the beauty of a gaming keyboard makes everything incredible.

You can never ignore the beauty of the backlit keys of a gaming keyboard in a dark room. In addition, you can customize the color of the backlit keys.

The backlit feature makes a gaming keyboard more special. You should experience the backlit of a gaming keyboard in real life before buying it. Then everything will be apparent to you.

Essential tips before buying a Regular Keyboard

Regular keyboards come in various prices, shapes, sizes, and features. However, you can find a standard keyboard perfect for your needs at any price point. Whether you are a student or an office worker, a regular keyboard is ideal. When choosing a standard keyboard, consider the important features to you. Some key elements include backlight color, layout options, and key size. 


Not all keyboard manufacturers offer a backlight on the keyboard. Backlight color is important because it can help you see the keys in the dark. In addition, the lighter a keyboard is, the easier it is to work. 


You also want a keyboard with a good layout because it will help you find all of your keys more easily. Some keyboards have more than one layout option, while others only offer an opportunity for the left hand. You should choose a keyboard with a layout that will work best for you. 

Key Size

The key size is also important. For example, suppose you are a left-handed person. In that case, you might want to consider a keyboard designed for left-handed people because it will make your life easier. On the other hand, you might not need to worry about buying a new keyboard for each computer you use if the one you have is compatible with your needs. 


Who should buy a Regular Keyboard?

If you’re a computer user who spends most of your time typing, buying a regular keyboard over a gaming keyboard may be wiser. Gaming keyboards are designed for fast action and reflexes, whereas standard keyboards are more suited for accuracy and precision. If you need a basic keyboard to do your job, a regular keyboard will be just as effective as any gaming model. So why spend the extra money? 

Mechanical Keyboard vs. Membrane Keyboard

There are many types of keyboards available on the market. But mechanical keyboards and membrane keyboards are popular among normal users.

These two are keyboards, but they have different functionality. If you want to know more about it, you should look at this comparison.

Mechanical keyboardMembrane keyboard
The mechanical keyboard generates a louder sound while typing.While membrane keyboards don’t.
The materials of a mechanical keyboard are heavy.While the materials of a membrane keyboard are light because of its plastic build.
It is not portable for its heavyweight.It is portable and lightweight.
You don’t need more effort to press a key.You need more effort to press a key as compared to a mechanical keyboard.
You can easily clean your mechanical keyboard.Sometimes it is not an easy task to clean a membrane keyboard.
Mechanical keyboards can handle millions of clicks and it makes them more durable.Membrane Keyboards can’t handle the same as mechanical keyboards, and it makes them less durable than mechanical keyboards.
Most mechanical keyboards are expensive.While membrane keyboards are less expensive.
It works based on a mechanism.It works with the help of a rubber layer.


Who should buy a mechanical keyboard?

Mechanical keyboards are becoming more popular as people learn about their benefits over traditional membrane switch keyboards. But not everyone needs or wants a mechanical switch keyboard. So, who should buy one? 

  •   If you spend a lot of time typing, mechanical keyboards are better and can make you more productive. Mechanical switches are tactile and responsive, so you don’t have to waste time looking for the right key and then pushing down on it. 
  • A mechanical switch keyboard can last longer if you’re hard on your equipment. Traditional keyboards with rubber dome switches can wear out quickly if you’re constantly pounding on the keys.
  • If you like to customize your gear, a mechanical keyboard offers plenty of options. You can choose from different switch types, colors, and even backlight effects. 

Who should buy a membrane keyboard?

If you’re looking for a keyboard that’s comfortable to use, offers plenty of keys, and is easy on the eyes. Then, a membrane switch keyboard is a perfect option for you. They look great and don’t take up much space on your desk. So if you’re in the market for a new keyboard, why not consider a membrane one?

  • A membrane switch keyboard is a great option for anyone who wants to save on costs. They’re typically less expensive than regular keyboards, and they often have unavailable features on more expensive models. 
  • A membrane keyboard is a great choice for people looking for an easy-to-use keyboard that offers a good typing experience. Membrane keyboards are usually more affordable than mechanical keyboards, and they generally have a lighter design. 
  • They’re also perfect for people who frequently travel, as they don’t require any additional batteries or chargers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I Use a Gaming Keyboard for Regular Use?

Yes, you can use a gaming keyboard for regular usage. However, if you’re happy with your normal keyboard, you should try a gaming keyboard.

Though gaming keyboards are for gamers, you can use them for regular tasks. It will make a timing difference in your work. You can do your regular job faster on a gaming keyboard.

Is a gaming keyboard good for typing?

Gaming keyboards are mostly mechanical. The typing experience on a mechanical keyboard is incredible.

You can feel that you’re writing something. It generates a tactile, clicky organic sound. As a result, you can write on a gaming keyboard with less effort than on a normal keyboard.

Are mechanical keyboards better for gaming?

Mechanical keyboards can be a great choice for gamers for their high-end features. You can do every action quicker on a mechanical keyboard than on a normal keyboard.

Also, there is a scope of key customization on a mechanical keyboard. Finally, you can play games on a mechanical keyboard for a long time because of its user-friendly design.

Is a gaming keyboard worth it?

A gaming keyboard is worth buying in terms of performance and user experience. If you want a better experience, exchange of money then it is a great deal for you.

You are getting some extraordinary features with a gaming keyboard. You can’t expect this feature from a normal keyboard.